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"Why do all the clothes he makes...

fit me perfectly, like they were made just for me?"

Paradise Kiss Cosplay
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A place where we can discuss more in depth about the characters clothes, style, and design.
Share cosplay pictures, images, costume tips, ask questions, etc.
This place isn't limited to other works by Ai Yazawa, such as Gokinjo Monogatari and Nana.
Let's make this an overall fun place! Thanks for stopping by! ^_^

Post pictures behind lj-cuts.
You may post one picture before the cut, but it must be of a reasonable size (about 500x500 or smaller).
Do not post advertisements for other communities or
use this community to sell your items if it's not Paradise Kiss/Ai Yazawa cosplay related!
Critiques and constructive critisizm are only allowed when asked for!
Please try to stay on topic.
Remember this is about the characters clothes, style, and cosplay.
If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
This can result in banning.

Have a Happy Berry time!

Questions can be directed to cakee or bakaxtenshi! ♥

Please help promote parakisscosplay! Thanks! <3

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