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Paradise Kiss Cosplay

Take Me To Paradise!
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Miwako Cosplay For Sale! [07 Nov 2009|12:50pm]

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Cosplay shoot! <3 [31 Oct 2009|01:18am]

Earlier this summer, I made a Miwako dress and cosplayed it at Otakon. I just stumbled across some of the photos from my photoshoot and wanted to share them with everyone here! (p.s. yes that is a real Happy Berry tattoo on my ankle!!) Photos by Judith Stephens/thedreamerworld -- I was writing "I love Arashi" in my notebook too xD

Photos behind the cut!Collapse )

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Miwako & Arashi Photoshoot [14 Aug 2009|09:44pm]

Hello, lovelies~! So after loving Paradise Kiss for forever and a day I finally got around to cosplaying as Miwako with my cosplay partner/loverboy himself as Arashi. We did a photoshoot a couple weeks ago at a local ice cream parlor called Sloan's and I'm so pleased with the results that I just had to share! (Dial-up users beware! The photos are large!)

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Paradise Kiss '07 Cosplay Spam [23 Jul 2007|05:40am]

[ mood | awake ]

Greetings fellow Paradise Kiss fans! I've been a long time PK manga fan and cosplayer since 2004. Recently, it's been brought to my attention that I've never offically posted here yet. So without further ado, I bring you some cosplay pictures taken from Fanime '07 and Anime Expo '07.

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Hi Hi Everyone! [30 May 2007|02:48am]

[ mood | content ]

I hope this is okie-dokie! I read the rules and it said we couldn't post about other communties if they weren't Ai Yazawa related, but this one is so I hope it is okie-dokie! :3

Anywho, my bestest pal made an awesome new community. I wanted to come here and tell you all about it because if gives you another opportunity to show off your awesome awesome cosplay works of art. (I know I like to show off my work as many places as possiable.)


It is an all around Ai Yazawa Cosplay community. A place for fans and cosplayers from all the different works to come together and chat. Find other fans and other cosplayers, organize Yazawa gatherings and show off their impressive cosplays!

I have noticed that many Yazawa cosplayers cross over between all of her series, so I think this is a neat idea! :3

The community is new, so please come show us your awesomeness!!!

Oh oh, and I don't know if it is approprite to ask this here, but would parakisscosplay possiably like to be an affilate? We can post the cute little banner in our user info! :3 Inspire ParaKiss cosplayers to post both places! XDD

Thanks for your time! Come join us, lets have some fun!!!!

SOooOOoooOOOoo sorry if this is aloud! ;______;

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Miwako cosplay [26 May 2007|11:34am]

[ mood | chipper ]

I just wanted to post my pictures from my Miwako cosplay at Anime Central 2007.

I realize I am behind by like 2 weeks on getting this pictures up, but enjoy!
Miwako=FunCollapse )

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Happy Berry scarf! [02 May 2007|06:19am]

My newest creation! It is up for sale or trade:

Happy Berry scarf: $Offer

Disclaimer: I do not own Ai Yazawa's symbols, characters, or ideas. This is a fanmade product, with no official counterpart.

You can contact me by e-mail (jojin at alltel dot net) or comment. I will ship anywhere, I live in the US, in a secured bubble mailer. I have eBay, Laundro, and LJ feedback. I accept Paypal, money order, well-concealed cash, and trades.

Items can be commissioned (these take time though). I realise it is no longer winter and scarves are obsolete until a few months from now. This is a one-time only scarf though, and there is no harm in being prepared for winter, right? Still, I have been known to make bags, headbands, and plushies.
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Parakiss Cosplay [26 Feb 2007|03:58am]

Pictures of my george costume under the cut from January 2007

George en GlamCollapse )
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HAPPY BERRY [25 Feb 2007|04:53pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I made some Happy Berry pins this weekend! One was for my Miwako costume, and my friend wanted to make one too!
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A favor to ask [26 Nov 2006|01:47pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hey guys

I really could use some help from my Ai Yazawa fan friends.

So im working on sending my resume to an opera house that's offering a costuming internship and Im attaching a file of a pic of each of my costumes and a reference image... but i'm stupid and i never scanned in the picture that my mikako costume comes from.

So if anyone who has the Gokinjo Monogatari artbook could possibly scan the pictures where my costume comes from (it's the gokinjo band dress, the hair is just shorter in my costume) i would LOVE YOU FOREVER!!! a pic of the costume is in my icon as well as
under the cutCollapse )

So I would be very very appreciative if someone can help me... please?



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